About Ally

Our Snappy, Happy, Cheeky Chappy!

Little Ally lives in a big forest with his lovely bird family. He has lots of friends and loves to go on adventures whilst navigating through lots of fun tasks and challenges along the way!

Where I live:

The Bird Family nest sits in the branches of a tree but this is no ordinary tree. Daddy Bird, a virtuoso of the construction industry, has created a dream home fit for both birds and alligators. This includes an amazing pulley system lift, running up the inside of the trunk, to allow Ally to reach the branches of the tree.

The tree sits on a small hill and around the base of the trunk is a beautifully landscaped garden, designed and lovingly maintained by Mummy Bird. It is a wonderful place for a young alligator to play, relax and learn about nature.

My Family & Friends

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