Grandpa Ally

Grandpa Ally loves to read and watch quiz shows with Granny. Grandpa is very intelligent and full of wisdom. Baby Alligator comes to Grandpa for guidance and help with his homework. Grandpa is the proudest Father & Grandpa in the whole world and loves his family with all his heart. 

Mummy Ally

Mummy Ally is Baby Alligator’s rock. She is extremely independent and has her own business working in interior design – all so she can provide the best life for Baby Ally. In her free time, she loves to shop, take Baby Alligator to the park to play with his friends and spend family movie nights with Grandpa and Granny Ally. 

Granny Ally

Granny Ally is a loving and caring lady who goes above and beyond for her family. She loves to cook lots of yummy meals for whoever enters her house. Whenever Baby Alligator is sad, Granny gives him the biggest hug and makes him happy again. In her spare time, she loves to listen to jazz music and do some gardening.


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